Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trusteer Rapport BSoD

Trusteer Rapport is an application that over 70 banks around the world have asked their customers to use to prevent Phishing and Malware attacks. I came across an issue this week where this application would cause the computer to Blue Screen of Death every time the user attempted to go to his Online Banking.

This is obviously not what it is intended to do.

Chatting to their tech support (very efficient), it came out that it is a known problem caused by a conflict between Rapport's protection mechanism against "Kernel Keylogging" and the computer's mouse driver configuration.
They say it should be fixed in an upcoming version, but if you have this issue, here is a work-around:

1) Open Rapport's Console (Start > Programs > Trusteer Rapport > Rapport Console)

2) Click on the arrow icon to move to page 2

3) Click on "Edit Policy" in the "Security Policy" widget

4) Type the required characters

5) Locate "Block Kernel Keylogging (PS/2)" and choose "Never" in the drop-down list next to it

6) Locate "Block Kernel Keylogging (USB)" and choose "Never" in the drop-down list next to it

7) Click on "Save"

8) Restart your PC and see if the problem still occurs


  1. Surely that then makes the software pretty much pointless doesn't it? The keylogging prevention is one of the core functionalities of the software. According to one bank they only actually recommend Rapport for customers who don't already have a good working AV/Firewall setup. Rapport doesn't provide any more security than say Avast and Zone Alarm, and doesn't cause your computer to die a horrible blue death. I have had multiple customers who have had Rapport cripple their systems - Some would blue-screen randomly, some wouldn't even boot up. Both times it was Rapport's system drivers that caused the issue. The only way to get Rapport working with it at all was to completely wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows (both with XP and Vista - not had a customer using Rapport on 7 yet thankfully). Now I just recommend to ditch Rapport and ensure that the customer is properly protected using more standard software.

  2. Totally agree with the comment above. If they were going to fix this problem, you would have thought it would have been done in the four months since that comment was posted.

    Good quality antivirus software will always provide more protection than a specialised use application, and the big A/V providers will be more likely to stay up to date with changes to other applications/OS updates than a smaller company.

  3. It does it on Windows 7 as well.

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