Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to NOT use remote gateway with Windows VPN

Have you ever been connected to a VPN, then realise you need to download something, so you have to disconnect the VPN to get your local network’s fast download speed? Well you don’t actually have to...

I use the Windows VPN client a lot to connect to a lot of my remote clients, and as long as the portion of their network that I need to connect to doesn’t run over multiple subnets, I don’t need to use the default gateway of the remote network. This means you can be connected to the VPN and still use the internet using your local connection. It’s a lot faster than over the VPN I promise :-)

The option you need to change is nicely hidden away, so I understand why this is not a well-known feature:
  • Right Click on the VPN connection
  • Click Properties
  • Select the Networking Tab
  • Click TCP/IP v4
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced
  • Untick Use default gateway on remote network